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Design in CreativeStudio

Use CreativeStudio to design personalized and customized products.

Sell on
GO Expression

Post your designed products from CreativeStudio in GO Expression and start selling.

Produce with
GO Exchange

Receive and produce orders matched to your capabilities and customer's location.

Expand Your Production Capacity

Imagine you have a profitable sublimation business selling T-shirts, but your customers frequently ask you for mugs - which you don’t make.

What if you didn’t have to say no to these customers?

Never Say No Again

With The Sawgrass Network, you can say yes to mug orders and have them produced and shipped by another participant in the network who makes mugs.

Or, perhaps you’re the one who gets matched and produces orders for other businesses.

The best part: you both profit.

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Create and Earn Without Limits

The Sawgrass Network lets you open multiple revenue streams.

  • +Sell and produce your own products
  • +Sell products produced elsewhere
  • +Get matched and produce for other sellers
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Should You Sell or Produce Orders?

You can do either, or both!

Depending on your equipment, time and production capability, you can produce orders for yourself and others in The Sawgrass Network.

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Apply to Join The Sawgrass Network

Join GO Expression, GO Exchange or both.

Sell on
GO Expression

  • +Free store in global marketplace
  • +Integrated with CreativeStudio
  • +Sell increased variety of products
  • +Focus on sales and marketing
  • +Earn with zero investment
  • +Sell to global market

Produce Through
GO Exchange

  • +Earn money by producing orders
  • +Get matched with orders you otherwise wouldn't have
  • +Maximize your production capacity
  • +Do what you enjoy - producing product

GO Exchange & GO Expression

  • +Create multiple revenue streams
  • +Sell to global market
  • +Expand product offering
  • +Get the best of both - sell and produce


Manage your complete production with advanced workflow designed for any printer.  Our enterprise solution includes automated job batching and artwork processing, as well as integration with shippers, accounting and warehouse management systems.