Earn Money Producing Products for Designers

GO Exchange is a free platform that lets you produce items for unlimited designers

Don't Be Limited By Sales and Design

You have the expertise, equipment and time, but perhaps don’t enjoy customer service, marketing or design.

Become a certified production specialist within GO Exchange and all you need to do is produce and ship products - no need for you to manage a store or even design any products.

Produce Only What You Want

You can easily accept or reject orders in the Exchange.

Depending on your equipment, time and desire you can earn money as you please.

Apply to Fulfill on Exchange

Open Multiple Revenue Streams

If you already have a store and have extra capacity to produce even more products, you can apply to both sell and fulfill on GO Exchange.

Or, if you already produce your own products but want to focus on earning more money from your designs, you can do that as well!

Learn How to Design and Fulfill Orders

Apply to Join the Global Order Exchange

Join as a designer, fulfiller or both.

If you have any questions before you apply, or are interested in enterprise plans, please contact our sales team!


  • +Create for variety of products
  • +Focus on sales and marketing
  • +Earn with zero investment
  • +Copyright protected designs
  • +Sell to global market


  • +Profit on production only
  • +No need for sales and marketing
  • +Produce for global audience

Fulfiller + Designer

  • +Create multiple revenue streams
  • +Sell to global market
  • +Expand product selection
  • +Copyright protected designs