Boost Your Sales Capacity on GO Exchange

Sell designs on your website and have a certified professional produce and ship them for you at no extra cost

Join the Sawgrass Network to Increase Your Reach

You make the designs, then connect directly with a network of certified production specialists who can create and ship orders for you.

If all you want to do is design and let a fulfiller take care of 100% of production and shipping - no problem. You’ll still profit, and being part of GO Exchange is free.

If you already produce products on your own, this is a great way to add even more items to your store.

Sell Without Borders

Let’s face it - global shipping costs and time can be a drag!

GO Exchange lets you sell to customers worldwide since local producers make and ship your products.

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Say Yes to Every Order

Within GO Exchange there will be fulfillers with a wide variety of products you may want to sell.

Integrate your existing ecommerce site, or easily set up a new site in Go Expression. No equipment or inventory required!

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Also Interested in Fulfilling Orders?

Depending on your equipment, time and production capability, you can produce orders for yourself and others in the Exchange.

If you already have a business but are looking for new income streams, take advantage of GO Exchange by producing orders for others and having others produce orders for you.

Learn How to Fulfill Orders

Apply to Join the Global Order Exchange

Join as a designer, fulfiller or both.

If you have any questions before you apply, or are interested in enterprise plans, please contact our sales team!


  • +Create for variety of products
  • +Focus on sales and marketing
  • +Earn with zero investment
  • +Copyright protected designs
  • +Sell to global market


  • +Profit on production only
  • +No need for sales and marketing
  • +Produce for global audience

Fulfiller + Designer

  • +Create multiple revenue streams
  • +Sell to global market
  • +Expand product selection
  • +Copyright protected designs