Monica Hensley invested in a Sawgrass SG800 printer in December of 2018, when her printer from another manufacturer broke down during the holiday rush just weeks before Christmas.


“The machine I was using stopped working. I told my husband I wasn’t sure if I was going to fill all my orders,” Monica says. “He told me to buy a top of the line printer so that it never happens again.”

Once Monica bought a Sawgrass, it completely changed the way she did business. Not only was she able to complete all her Christmas orders, but she’s never had an issue with her printer breaking down.

“Sawgrass’ printer is virtually trouble free. I create designs and print them. It really is that easy. I have the faith knowing that when I hit the print button, my design is going to come out looking like it should,” she says. “It won’t have lines in it or be missing a color that printed fine just five minutes ago, which happened a lot with my other printer.”

Monica’s sublimation shop is a part-time job for now, but she says it’s helped her become more financially stable.

“It helps supplement the income we already have,” she explains. “It helps fund our kid’s after school activities and allows us to pay for fun stuff.”

Monica likes the luxury of being able to keep her shop open or closed for as long as she wants. Several times she has taken month-long breaks but knows that once she opens her shop again, she can make nearly $1,000 a month.

“My production time is so much quicker with my SG800,” she said. “I'm not wasting time fiddling with whatever color isn't showing up on my nozzle checks.”

Right now, Monica specializes in pillowcases, Girl Scout bags and door mats. She says she loves to see comments from users saying how much they love her designs.

“One time a woman contacted me for a second pillowcase because her daughter lost the one she previously bought from me,” she says. “The girl was so upset she needed a new one. It made me feel really good that she liked it that much!”

While Monica currently works 20-25 hours a week on her shop, she hopes to eventually turn it into a full-time business. She says that though sublimation can feel expensive at first, the pay-off can be great once you throw yourself into it.

Monica is quickly making back the money she invested in her Sawgrass solution and says that the expense of using high-quality ink and sublimation printers is well worth it.

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