The SG400 Gave Rachel Henthorn the Freedom to Become Her Own Boss

For a mother of two and foster parent to 19 teen girls over the years, being your own boss is a big benefit. For Rachel Henthorn, that wouldn’t be possible without her SG400 printer!

It was in 2010 when Rachel decided she needed to quit her job as a social worker and pursue a career that would allow her to stay home and be with her foster kids. That was when Rachel opened up her own crafting business, which didn’t originally include sublimation.

“My parents owned a screen printing shop back in the 90’s and early 2000’s,” Rachel explains. “We did some sublimation but the machine we used was not a Sawgrass and was extremely unreliable. I hated using it. I swore I would never do sublimation again.”

In 2014, after three miscarriages and while four months pregnant, Rachel and her husband decided to adopt. At that point, she decided to ramp up her business to cover adoption costs. After doing some research, Rachel recognized the increasing trend of sublimation and decided to dive in head first with a Sawgrass SG400 printer.

“I love my Sawgrass,” exclaims Rachel. “It’s never once given me a problem.”

Nearly six years later, Rachel’s sublimation business has primarily been her full-time job. With two daughters ages seven and six, who are both nationally-ranked gymnasts, Rachel believes owning her own sublimation business means she never has to miss a thing. “I love being my own boss and having the freedom to do whatever I want to.”

Between her workshop and her home studio, Rachel is able to create during the day and also at night. As an Amazon, Etsy and private store owner, she earned $20,000 from her business last year. For Rachel sublimation is not just a way to make money though, she also uses it as a way to give back to others. Last year, she sold her creations in several fundraisers for her children’s school, church events and more that added up to $10,000.

Rachel loves using sublimation because it’s fast, easy and creates high quality products that her customers really love. She advises anyone looking to create their own business to consider making personalized products, but to make sure they take care of their printer as it is their most important tool.

As a creator without a background in business, she focused on product, financial and logistical research to get her shop off the ground. Rachel’s confidence is high and she’s looking ahead to more opportunities.

Visit Rachel on Facebook, Etsy, Amazon and her store.

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