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VPM 7.0 Provides Additional Profiles, Color Modes and More

The new version of Virtuoso Print Manager (7.0) is smarter than ever with important updates and additional features to help you achieve seamless creativity.

Update to VPM 7.0

Updating will NOT affect your color output, but you will find additional profiles and color modes. As with all digital products, the latest VPM version helps keep up with everchanging computer operating systems.

Ink Level Pop-up Window

VPM 7.0 is smart enough to let you know when you’re running low on ink. The pop-up will alert you when your ink levels are low and give you a direct link to buy replacement ink from your dealer. This means no more keeping an eye on your ink levels. It also helps to keep you from running out of ink so you can work longer with a lower risk of downtime.

EasySubli & SubliJet HD Profiles

We know a lot of you have been very excited about being able to print full colored designs on vinyl. In the new version of VPM 7.0, Sublijet HD Users will be able to use a specific profile to print on Heat Transfer Vinyl and therefore sublimate on cotton and dark colored polyester. For EasySubli users we have expanded the 'Other' category in the Siser Edition so you can get better results using a specific profile for other products such as mugs, coasters, key chains and many other products.

VPM Performs Layout

We are giving you more control with “VPM performs layout” options. Previously, VPM would default to trimming the white space, but you now have the option to keep white space around your designs. You also can choose to center your image as it prints out.

New Color Processing Engine

Updating will NOT affect your color output. In VPM 7.0 we’ve introduced a new color processing engine that supports several new file types and new color modes. It will offer you a chance to print in CMYK color space, but be aware that the files will be converted to RGB for processing and profiling.

We hope these new changes will help enhance your creativity and your designs. If you have any questions about our VPM 7.0 please feel free to contact our Tech Support representatives at support@sawgrassink.com.

Update to VPM 7.0

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