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Five Mother's Day Ideas for Sublimated Products Banner

Five Mother's Day Ideas for Sublimated Products

This Mother’s Day, we want to help you show off that motherly bond. Our team has put together some Mother’s Day ideas and inspiration to help you create.

Mother's Day sublimated mug showing a pink flower and handwritten text.

World’s Best Mom Mug

One of the most important aspects of gift giving is making sure the item you give to someone is one they can use. That’s why a mug that says “This is what the world’s best mom looks like” is perfect. The design itself is also cute and one she’s sure to want to show off at work, at breakfast or during her next book club meeting.

The only change we made to this premium design was the background. We then printed and pressed the design at 400 degrees on medium pressure for four and a half minutes.

Apple Watch band with sublimated flower print.

Flowered Apple Watch Band

Your mom’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom! Sometimes, trendy is the way to go and Apple Watch bands are a top seller right now. We find Apple Watch bands pop the most with a colorful, patterned background. This makes the band look trendy, high-end and allows it to be worn with other fun spring colors.

While we’ve uploaded premium patterns into our Mother’s Day folder in CreativeStudio, we also have dozens of free patterns to choose from in our Elements folder under “Patterns” and “Backgrounds.”

This Apple Watch band was pressed at 365 degrees with light pressure for one minute.

Sublimated coaster with saying 'when you love what you have, you have everything you need'.

Floral Coaster Set

If you make something for mom she’s going to want to show it off to her friends! Coasters are a great gift for Mother’s Day because they’re something everyone uses at home.

Just because Mother’s Day is once day a year doesn’t mean your gifts can only be useful for one day. We took one of our premium Mother’s Day designs and put a twist on it with a flowered design and a beautiful quote about love.

These changes allow the design to be used in a coaster set. It also gives mom the ability to leave the coasters out all year round, since they aren’t specifically related to Mother’s Day.

We pressed these coasters at 400 degrees for one minute on medium pressure.

ChromaLuxe panel with a Mother's Day design.

Mother’s Day ChromaLuxe Panel

One of the best ways to show mom love is with a picture. Traditional picture frames are nice, but with sublimation you can give pictures new life.

We took a new free design from our CreativeStudio that was just one phrase and turned it into a frame. Originally this design said “Happy Mother’s Day” with two hearts next to the phrase. We duplicated the words and hearts. We then placed them around the outer edges a ChromaLuxe panel template. Once the frame was complete, we uploaded a picture and layered the words on top of it. This allowed the words to act as a frame without forcing us to resize or crop our photo.

We then printed and pressed the design onto a ChromaLuxe panel at 400 degree, with medium pressure for 90 seconds. Pressing the frame design and the photo on the ChromaLuxe gave an ordinary picture a unique twist. Mom probably doesn’t have anything like this on her walls!

dog with sublimated bandana that says 'mom's best friend'.

Dog Mom Bandana

We can’t forget about our dog moms! Sometimes, it’s just as nice to have other people (or pets) participate in the fun. Pet accessories are a growing trend, and bandanas are both cute and expressive.

We took a premium Mother’s Day design and kept all of the floral items, but got rid of the words. We then chose to fill in the blanks with “Mom’s Best Friend.” A bandana like this is not only great for Mother’s Day, but great for every day!

We pressed this bandana at 385 degrees on light pressure for 30 seconds.

We hope you are now inspired to make some fun products for mom - be sure to check back again for more fun sublimation inspiration! To try out premium designs, use code DESIGN25 for 25% off your first month.


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