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Kick-Start Your Creativity With Fresh Mother's Day Designs

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for sublimation. A day that big deserves a second round of premium designs added to CreativeStudio! Our team has put together some ideas to help kick-start your creativity:


Super Mom Tote Bag

A super mom needs a super big bag to carry around! This “Super Mom” design perfectly shows the life of all mothers. This design has layers that can be altered, but we chose to keep the design as-is for this tote bag.

We pressed this bag at 400 degrees on medium pressure for one minute. It is important to note that when pressing fabric, we recommend using a foam kit or heat transfer pillow. The trick is to cut the foam so it is larger than the design but smaller than the paper. This will keep press marks from appearing.

Mommy Juice Travel Mug

Whether it’s coffee or wine every mom needs her juice, even on the go. Fun and cute personalized travel mugs are a big hit right now! Now, with the help of Sublishrink, travel mugs are easy to make.

We took this premium design from CreativeStudio and made a few changes with the words and font.

Creating this mug was slightly different from how most sublimated items are created. We taped this design to the mug using heat transfer tape, then placed it in a Sublishrink bag. We took a heat gun to shrink the bag to the tumbler and placed the mug in an oven for six minutes at 360 degrees.

“I Love Mommy” Onesie

This Mother’s Day will be extra special for first-time moms! That’s why baby onesies are a great gift. Our premium “I Love Mommy” design works perfectly on a onesie. All layer colors can be changed to reflect different genders and color themes.

We pressed this onesie at 390 degrees for 50 seconds on medium pressure. As with our tip on the tote bag, using a foam piece that’s larger than the design but smaller than the paper will give you the best results.

Heart Pillow

Not every Mother’s Day gift has to be themed to Mother’s Day. Because it’s nice to give a gift that can be used year round, we got rid of all hints of Mother’s Day on the design and left behind only the fun background and white heart. This design is perfect for a pillow because the background is bright and beautiful while the heart in the front offers a nice contrast.

We pressed this pillow at 400 degrees for 50 seconds on medium pressure. Since this design takes up the entire pillowcase, there should be no need to use a foam kit or heat transfer pillow.

We hope you learned some fun and creative ways to celebrate mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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