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New Sawgrass Products Make it Easier Than Ever to Make Money With Product Decoration Banner

New Sawgrass Products Make it Easier Than Ever to Make Money With Product Decoration

If you want to make money with customized product decoration, sublimation is one of the best options in the industry and it’s never been easier to get started. The new Sawgrass suite of products means even product creators without printers can start making money with sublimation.

The Sawgrass Network

Join a Global Network of Designers, Producers and Product Decorators to Increase Revenue Streams

With a Sawgrass account, which you don’t need a printer for, you will also get access at no charge to GO Expression and GO Exchange, our online business builder systems that will help you market and sell your products on a global scale.

GO Expression is your online marketplace and GO Exchange is your order management program.  Simply create virtual customized products with the new CreativeStudio then post online for the world to see on GO Expression. 

GO Exchange is a network of product decorators worldwide and is where orders are sent from GO Expression or through other ecommerce sites you manage, such as Shopify.  It links to your GO Expression site so orders can be matched to high-quality producers anywhere in the world, making it easy to do business globally but without all the hassle of international commerce.  

All of these programs work in harmony with you to create and deliver products your customers need and are willing to pay for.

Not sure you are ready to produce sublimation in-house, but ready to cash in on the process?  You can use GO Expression and GO Exchange even without a printer.  You just need a Sawgrass account and to start designing in the new CreativeStudio. Learn more about how to make money designing in CreativeStudio

Exciting products – exciting possibilities. 

When you apply to join The Sawgrass Network you'll be entered for a chance to win a new SG500 printer and a full ink set. The winner will be announced on Facebook live on Friday May 22, 2020. 

Join The Sawgrass Network

Sawgrass 2020 Printers Offer New and Enhanced Features

Great sublimation depends on great printers and ink! The Sawgrass line of desktop sublimation printers are the only units engineered from the ground up specifically for sublimation.  For 2020 we are taking them to a higher level with the release of our new generation printers – the SG500 and SG1000

With the new SG500 and SG1000 printers we have incorporated all the great features of our previous printers plus added in some new ones like wireless connectivity, an improved control panel and enhanced color management.  Plus, we created a new ink formulation designed specifically for these printers, meaning ultra-high definition printing output at levels never seen with desktop sublimation.

Included with each printer is CreativeStudio 4.0, the only design software created exclusively for sublimation, and Sawgrass Print Manager, which helps you achieve picture-perfect color and detail on every job.

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