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New Project Cards Give Personalization Ideas and Tips for Halloween and More

Heading into the most important time of the year for product decorators, we've created an all-new set of project cards to give you ideas, tips and tricks to make creative designs.

Think of project cards as like recipe cards: they give you the level of difficulty and everything you need to make the product.

Of course, since Halloween is right around the corner, we've used plenty of examples from the new collection! If you try out a project card or any of the new Halloween designs, let us know on Facebook how it goes! 

Here are four of our favorite project cards:

What is more relevant for Halloween in 2020 than keeping one broomstick apart for social distancing? Make this project.

This "wrecking ball" design takes a fun Halloween spin on Miley Cyrus. Make this project.

We thought the "Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun" design was the perfect badge for a Halloween-themed frame. Make this project.

Keeping with the frame theme, this Halloween candy frame is perfect for a child or a pet. Make this project.

Liked these designs? Visit the project card page for more!


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