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CreativeStudio 4 FAQs

We know a lot of you have questions and concerns about the new CreativeStudio. Here at Sawgrass, we want this new program to be easy, useful and fun for everyone. Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate the software. 

1) Why does my screen look different from some of the training videos? 

Here at Sawgrass we are continuously making upgrades to CreativeStudio to make it more user friendly.  Since upgrades are constantly being made, CreativeStudio may appear to change.  Note, all of the functions will continue to work properly.  There will also never be a difference of appearance between a Premium and Free workspace.


2) Where did some of my blank templates go? 

When creating CreativeStudio, our team went through our database and took out some of our rarely used product templates. Our team also chose to eliminate some templates that were not available globally.  This comes as we launch Go Expression and Go Exchange, two tools that will help your business grow based on popularly sold items across the globe. If there is a template that you cannot find we are willing to review and add some templates upon request.  Please send us your request at creativestudio.support.sawgrassink.com.  Our team reviews new requests every week.


3) Where can I find “Free” and “Premium” designs? 

“Free” and “Premium” designs can both be found in the “Designs” tab. Each design folder is sorted by category. To quickly find what you want you can search for “Free”, “Premium”, or the name of the category you are searching for. If there is a design collect you don’t see let us know by going to creativestudio.support.sawgrassink.com. 


4) Where are my free design elements? 

All of our design elements (shapes, pictures, etc…) are located inside of our elements tab. Each can be used individually or with a pre-made design. 


5) Why can't I save the "Custom Canvas"? 

The "Custom Canvas" feature allows users to create their own work space by setting their own dimensions.  This feature is designed for one-of-a-kind creation and cannot be saved.


6) How do I break aspect ratio? 

Breaking aspect ratio allows you to make a design longer or wider without impacting the dimensions of the rest of your design.  To break aspect ratio uncheck the "Lock Aspect Ratio" and tug at the ends of your designs.


7) Why is there a watermark on my design mock-up? 

This watermark appears when free users are creating mockups. This watermark appears to protect our international line of CreativeStudio artists from having their work distributed around the internet without their consent. This watermark will not print out with your design. Premium users will not see this watermark because they have paid for the right to use the artwork as a mock-up as part of their membership. 


8) How do folders work? 

Our new CreativeStudio folders allow you to better organize your creations and photos. On the first page of your new CreativeStudio, “Creations” and “Galleries” on the left hand side of your screen allow you to add new folders with specific names. Note, both free and premium users get access to unlimited folders.  To delete folders, go back to your front page of CreativeStudio, click on the Galleries tab and click the trash can in the upper right-hand corner of your folder.


9) What are all of the hearts on items in CreativeStudio? 

The hearts you see allow you to favorite items. Blanks, designs, creations, elements, photos and fonts are all able to be favorited. This allows for easy access to items you use most often. Note, free users have the ability to favorite five items in each category. Premium users have unlimited favorites. 


10) What is available for Premium users? 

1. Ability to upload your own fonts from your desktop 

2. Ability to directly download and upload your designs to social media 

3. Unlimited favorites 

4. Access to Pixabay images 

5. Mockup views without CreativeStudio watermark 

6. New design packages uploaded weekly 


11) How do I change my font color? 

Your tool box on the right hand side of your screen houses all of your editing tools. The “Fill Color” box under the “Appearance” tab of your tool box allows you to change your font color based on hex codes. This means you can match any color seamlessly. 


12) How do I change the layers of my designs? 

In your tool box under “Appearance” you have two buttons. One says “Bring Forwards” the other says “Bring Backwards”. These allow you to move images and text elements in front of or behind other parts of your design. 


13) How do I change the size of my font? 

In your tool box under the “Text” section there is a scrolling bar labeled “Size”. This allows you to change the size of your fonts in real time. 


14) How do I change my font? 

Under your tool box in the “Text” section is a “Font” drop down box. This box allows you to select a new font while your current one is selected. Note, these new possible fonts will pop up in their own window. 


15) What does “Objects” at the top of my tool box do? 

“Objects” allows you to take a look at each layer of your design. This does give you the option to undo some of the work you have down. 


16) What is the “Effect” drop down box in my tool box? 

The “Effect” option allows you to add unique filters to your images and text. These are different from colors and fonts. 


17) Why does my 3D viewing option come and go? 

The 3D viewing option is only available on select drinkware. When the 3D viewing icon reappears in the upper right-hand corner of your screen it means that item can be seen in 3D. 


18) How do I remove white space? 

The “Clear White” button in your tool box allows you to clear the background of a picture. This then gives you the ability to layer the picture over other objects in your design. 


19) What does tiling do? 

Tiling your design allows you to take an image, element or background and make it reappear multiple times on your substrate in small sections.

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