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New Sawgrass Print Manager Launches With CreativeStudio 4 Banner

New Sawgrass Print Manager Launches With CreativeStudio 4

         Sawgrass has rolled out a new version of its Virtuoso Print Manager.  Its called Sawgrass Print Manager 8.0.  This version comes with a new name and some new features.
Print Directly From CreativeStudio
            The Sawgrass Print Manager allows you to print with the proper color configuration for all of your designs.  This new version is required to print directly from the new CreativeStudio.  This means no more downloading and leaving the program.  Sawgrass Print Manager is directly integrated into CreativeStudio.
Simple Product Selection
            The new Sawgrass Print Manager comes with simpler selections when choosing the correct substrate to press to.  Now, the substrate selection is broken down by material, rather than product creators.  This new change should not impact the way your image prints or presses.
Easy User Interface
            This new version of the Sawgrass Print Manager has simple user interfaces that allows for easy access to all color management software.  Tabbing through selections and screens are now quick, simple and self explanatory.
We hope you enjoy this new version of our Sawgrass Print Manager.  If you have any questions please contact our Tech Support officials using our Knowledge Base at support.sawgrassink.com.  You can also contact us directly on social media.

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