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How to Migrate Your Designs to the New CreativeStudio

While the new CreativeStudio will be packed with exciting features you've been asking for, it will require a few simple steps to migrate your current designs to the new platform.

You'll need to update your print manager to the latest version before using the new CreativeStudio.

Watch a short webinar tutorial, or follow along below.

Watch the Design Migration Webinar

Step 1. Select an existing design and open it in the current version of CreativeStudio. Remove any personalized features, such as names or custom photos, because the transfered files will be flattened PNGs and will not be editable (although you will be able to add new layers in the new designer).

Step 2. Select Print, give your file a unique name and click Save. You don't need to print the design. 

Once you've completed these steps for each design you want to transfer, your designs will be ready in the new CreativeStudio. 

Although the old CreativeStudio will be available until February 28, we advise you to start this process now to ensure completion before the launch of CreativeStudio 4 on January 29. If you have any questions, please contact us

Learn About the New CreativeStudio

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