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Do You Have What it Takes to Produce Orders in The Sawgrass Network? Banner

Do You Have What it Takes to Produce Orders in The Sawgrass Network?

Now that The Sawgrass Network is up and running, orders are ramping up. This is a great opportunity to make money for anyone who wishes to join as a producer to fulfill orders coming through GO Exchange.

How It Works

A seller creates the artwork on a product template and loads it into GO Exchange. GO exchange then searches for the best producer based on their location to where the product will be delivered, their equipment and the substrates they wish to produce. The job gets routed into your Order Acceptance queue, where you can choose whether to accept it. Orders also get routed to GO Exchange after a purchase in GO Expression.

Once you accept it, you will print out the sublimation-ready image that the seller created, press it onto the proper substrate, box it up and ship it out. Virtually any job can be completed in minutes and you will receive a commission for production.

How You Get Paid

There are no fees to be a member of the Network. You don’t pay credit card percentages of shipping costs, and there is no special equipment to buy. However, you will have to supply the blank substrate and shipping materials.

It’s simple to sign up and all of the details are spelled out. Plus, we have online training to help you get up and running quickly. In reality, it’s a risk-free way to start a new revenue stream.

As an added bonus, you can also setup a GO Expression online store and sell your own products. Again, there is no cost to you, unlike some of the other retail platforms in the marketplace. You just create and post your products, advertise through social media and start making sales.

The Sawgrass Network only take a few minutes to setup: join now.

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