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New Business Builder Program to Provide Money Making Tools Banner

New Business Builder Program to Provide Money Making Tools

Our upcoming Business Builder program is a kit that contains the resources and a recipe for targeting specific markets using your Sawgrass tools.

With the new and exciting products and services at Sawgrass we are stepping up to give you more education and resources for making money. Think of Business Builder like a meal preparation kit that comes with all the food ingredients and a recipe for creating a superb dining experience.

Though every Business Builder plan will be a little bit different, the base components well be as follows:

  • Plan Guide – The written recipe for setting up the program.
  • Videos – An overview of the plan and how to setup CreativeStudio and GO Expression.
  • Market Overview – A synopsis of who the audience is and how to develop products that fit the demographics, needs and expectations of that audience.
  • Pricing – A guide to setting margins based upon who the audience is and how to generate products that have the highest level of perceived value.
  • Messaging – Written copy that can be used to promote the program and capture the attention of your audience.
  • Promotions – How to use social media, blogs, websites, email, etc. to promote the plan and its products.
  • Graphics – A list of artwork in CreativeStudio relevant to the plan.

All Business Builder Plans will be found in the Sawgrass Academy.

Stay-tuned for more details, as the first Business Builder Plans will be hitting the streets very shortly.

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