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New Gold Frames and Color Splashes Let You Create Picture Perfect Designs Banner

New Gold Frames and Color Splashes Let You Create Picture Perfect Designs

CreativeStudio just released a collection of elegant gold frames that make it easy for your customers to place in photos of their loved ones. If there’s one thing everyone in the world has in common it’s that they cherish images of their loved ones, and this is the essence of why personalized products have a global market.

Putting a simple photo on an item can leave your creation looking half finished, but adding a frame makes your item look well put together and more expensive.

The best part about this collection is that it doesn’t take any extra effort to use the frames. All frames come pre-loaded with a cut-out center so all you need to do is place the photo behind it.

Frames are so versatile because they don’t have to be used strictly with pictures.

If you take a quick look through Pinterest you’ll see how many people are using frames to add extra d├ęcor to:

  • Monograms
  • Quotes
  • Floral Designs

This design of a tumbler with a watercolor splash behind the frame is in CreativeStudio in multiple colors - all you need to do is add your text (font in image is Abril Fatface). Because Abril Fatface is a font already in CreativeStudio, you can easily make this an editable feature for your customers in GO Expression. Learn more about using GO Expression to sell your designs.

Be sure to check out our latest selection in CreativeStudio and be on the lookout for more designs and elements coming soon.

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