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Sophisticated Backgrounds in CreativeStudio Make Elegant Designs a Breeze Banner

Sophisticated Backgrounds in CreativeStudio Make Elegant Designs a Breeze

The latest backgrounds in CreativeStudio look great on their own, paired with a bold monogram or perhaps even made into a frame for a photo!

(The rose gold brush stroke is already in CreativeStudio under "Frames/Watercolors." The Sweet & Spooky text element is a sneak preview of our upcoming Halloween collection!)

These elegant paint strokes, circles and ink clouds can be added to our simple gold frames to give an extra element to any photo or give Monograms another layer of personalization. The key to turning these unique elements into backgrounds is in your CreativeStudio ToolBox. By using the Send Backwards and Bring Forward buttons you can layer the brush strokes behind other elements of your design.

To add another layer of customization, you can use the effects drop down box in your Tool Box. This can change the vibrancy of your new background, give it a vintage look or give it a grunge feel.

CreativeStudio is filled with hundreds of unique backgrounds. Here is a small sample of the wide variety of backgrounds available free to all users:

Try tiling similar backgrounds to make an interesting design or using one layered with a white circle to create a monogram design.

By using CreativeStudio one small design element can go a long way and bring your designs to a whole new level!

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