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Let Your Customers Personalize Designs in GO Expression

One of the most exciting features of GO Expression, Sawgrass’ new online marketplace, is the ability to let your customers personalize designs themselves.

This feature removes the need for you as a seller to send proofs for approval back to customers to double check the customization.

Here's an example of a popular monogram mug to show how you can make elements editable in GO Expression.

Select your product from the GO Products folder.

Select a design in CreativeStudio, or upload your own. This background is a free image from Pixabay, duplicated to stretch across the mug print area.

Add a circle to make a background for the letters. If there is any white space outside of the circle, head to the toolbar on the right of the screen and hit “Clear White.”

Add your letters and color them. We love Abril Fatface, but any font in CreativeStudio will work.

The letters have to be personalized, so select them and check the box that says “make editable in GO Expression.”

The make editable in GO Expression button is located in the toolbox on the right.

But what about colors? This background is very colorful, so your customer may not want a white circle with pink text. They may want a blue background with pink text, or any other combination!

Select the circle and hit “make editable in GO Expression” to allow your customer to change this as well.

Here’s the kicker: you can even let your customer change the background, which means they can potentially create an entirely new design and you still get the full profit! Just make sure you select your background and make it editable in GO Expression, and you’re good to go.

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