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Online Business is Booming: Stand Out from the Crowd With These Quick Tips Banner

Online Business is Booming: Stand Out from the Crowd With These Quick Tips

By Meghan Rodenhouse

If one thing’s for sure in 2020 it’s that people are shopping online more than ever, which means huge opportunities for your product decorating business. Here are some quick tips on standing out from the crowd:

Set Up a Free Store on GO Expression

The Sawgrass Network has made it easier than ever to sell online – in just a few clicks you can set up an online GO Expression store and fill it with designs. No Sawgrass printer? No problem. Set up a store and let someone else in the Network produce products for you. Interested in producing but don’t like design? Apply as a fulfiller!

Join The Sawgrass Network

Sell on More Than One Platform

Joining an established marketplace frees up your time to focus on design. Start on GO Expression and consider setting up a shop on sites like Etsy or Shopify to give yourself even more exposure. Having your own website is great, but let established marketplaces worry about traffic, SEO and development.

Sell on Social Media

Go pro and make yourself a business page! By making a business page you can attract new customers, share your creations and give updates to your existing followers. And don’t forget about Facebook Marketplace!

When trying to attract new customers to follow your store’s social media accounts, hashtags are a must – they’re a massive social media search engine. If someone searches for a hashtag that you have used when posting your item, a picture of your item will pop up.

Spend Money to Make Money

One of the easiest ways to get your store and designs seen by more people on Facebook and Instagram is by boosting your posts. When boosting you set how much money you are willing to pay, the countries you want to reach and your target demographics, like age and gender. Your posts will be shown on the newsfeeds of people you’re targeting as buyers.

Take Good Photos

The popularity of Instagram and Pinterest prove how much we have become a visual society. People now make the decision on whether they like an item within seconds of seeing it, so you must post professional looking photos. Make sure your images are clear, bright and to the point. Your photos need to make your item look good enough to catch people’s eyes and make them stop scrolling.

Have Brand Ambassadors

One of the best ways to promote yourself is to have others do it for you. Brand ambassadors are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. These are people who represent your business and spread the word about you. There are several ways to obtain a brand ambassador:

  1. Pay someone to represent you
  2. Give representatives free product
  3. Give representatives a discount on your products

The responsibility of a brand ambassador is to show your products in the real world using creative photos. The more brand ambassadors you have, the further your outreach will be.

If you haven’t already, set up your free shop on GO Expression today!

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