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Get Inspired with Four Must-have Personalized Products This Summer

By Meghan Rodenhouse

Summer is finally here, although admittedly it looks slightly different from previous years. There will be fewer gatherings, festivals and concerts, but many people will still spend time outside soaking up the sun. With sublimation, everyday summer accessories can become personalized and fun!

Using a selection from the 240 new summer designs from CreativeStudio, here are some of our favorite ideas to kick off the season in a personalized fashion:

Monogram Drink Holder

Drink holders have become a top trend for personalization and are never more popular than on hot summer days. Businesses, festivals, wedding parties and even the everyday person uses drink holders as a form of self-expression.
sublimated monogram drink holder with a summer design.

In our example, we took an abstract background straight out of our summer design collection and combined with a shape from the Elements tab. Once you add in your initials and resize – you have a monogram! Monograms are incredibly popular and never go out of style.

Drink Holder Heat Press Instructions:

400 degrees
Medium pressure
45 seconds

Flamingo Bookmark

There is something about fresh summer air that makes people want to pick up a good book, and personalized bookmarks look great between the pages of a summer beach read.

For this design, we used very on-trend flamingos from our Designs folder and paired with a witty saying about reading. The heart design from the Elements tab tied the look together.

Bookmark Heat Press Instructions:

400 degrees
Medium pressure
90 seconds

Beach Bottle Opener

Bottle openers and other bar related products are up and coming trends in the sublimation world.

In CreativeStudio, we duplicated the background and overlapped it so it would fit the entire product. To cover the seam where the two designs meet we took a rectangle from our “Elements” tab, covered it and turned it white. This gave us a great blank canvas for a fun quote!

Bottle Opener Heat Press Instructions:

400 degrees
Medium pressure
1 minute

Summer Tote Bag

The light-weight material on this tote makes it the perfect storage for going to the beach, boating or grabbing books from the library.

We took a fun summer design from our “Designs” tab. We resized the hat, glasses and words to fit the center of the bag. Besides that, no changes were made. We felt this design had style and a fun message.

Tote Bag Heat Press Instructions:

385 degrees
Medium pressure
45 seconds
Foam kit*

*Note: a foam kit keeps the bag from getting press lines when sublimated. The foam kit should be larger than your design, but smaller than your sheet of paper when pressing.

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