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Dress Up Your Designs with Fonts and Elements Banner

Dress Up Your Designs with Fonts and Elements

By Sara Hill

Fonts are like clothes for words, and that’s the beauty of them: dress up your words and they’ll become images in themselves. 

There are entire books written about the psychology of fonts, their personality and power to evoke strong emotion. Even on products that have actual images, fonts frequently serve as centerpieces of the overall design.

When we upgraded CreativeStudio last year, we added the ability for you to upload your own fonts in addition to providing a greatly expanded selection of fonts within the application. Custom font uploading is one of the many benefits of premium membership

Where can you find custom fonts?

Websites like Creative Market offer entire font bundles that are ready to go - just be sure when purchasing that you’re selecting the appropriate license for usage. These sites are great for sourcing inspiration as well - CreativeStudio has many backgrounds and elements to mimic styles you like.

There is already an extensive selection of free fonts pre-loaded into CreativeStudio that anyone can use.

What style of font is trendy?

The market right now is overloaded with a particular style of font imagery: the script font paired with a light, plain sans-serif font. Design is always evolving, and we’re betting this is a trend that’s saturated the market to the point where people are itching for a new style to define themselves.

When searching for fonts, watch for imagery that stands out in a way which makes you feel positive or energetic. Chances are, if you have a particular reaction to a certain font type or imagery you can bet other people are feeling that way as well!

Try Elements in Addition to Fonts in CreativeStudio

If you look in the elements folder in CreativeStudio, there is a folder called "letters and numbers." Here you'll find a wide variety of characters to add a unique touch to your designs!

There are classic letters, florals, gold, retro and even letters designed as monsters! These types of elements are great for monograms, and can be combined to form words, names or sayings in some cases.

Try pairing similar characters together to create beautiful monograms. When selling these products in your online stores, you can easily give customers the option to personalize the letters. Personalized products are hot selling items! 

All of these elements and more are available as part of CreativeStudio's premium membership. Get 25% off your first month with code GIVEBACK25.

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