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The Sawgrass Network – Changing The Way You Do Business Online Banner

The Sawgrass Network – Changing The Way You Do Business Online

Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of your business and having the best sublimation equipment in the industry won’t help you very much if you don’t have a consistent flow of orders. Over the years, we have seen our customers deal with this challenge. For some, things went well, for others – not so well. Thus, we decided to put our resources into developing a integrated platform that simplified the sales and marketing process: The Sawgrass Network. It consists of CreativeStudio 4.0, GO Expression and GO Exchange.

The Sawgrass Network Makes It Easy to Increase Sales

These exciting new products allow CreativeStudio 4 users to quickly place their designs on customizable products for sale onto a web platform, make a sale and deliver the final product to virtually any location in the world.

Here’s how the process works:

Add Products to Your Website From CreativeStudio

First, you create a virtual product sample using the new CreativeStudio, which includes photo-realistic substrate images. Transfer it to your GO Expression online store with just a few clicks (it’s linked to your CreativeStudio platform). Create a description and assign a price, then start promoting your new addition through your social media accounts.

Connect to GO Exchange for Additional Help Fulfilling Orders

As orders come in, they are linked to GO Exchange where they get matched to producers by delivery location. Producers in those areas can choose to take the order, fulfill it and deliver it – on your behalf. (Think of it like the Uber of product decoration.) You can truly sell products on a global scale without worrying about the complexities of international commerce and still make a profit.

How Profits Are Managed in GO Exchange

And now the all-important question – what does it cost? Nothing! The GO Expression and GO Exchange systems were built by Sawgrass to be all-inclusive. That means the credit card transactions, the taxes, the hosting fees and the development costs are all included in the sales process. Each order taken will have a transaction fee applied that is incorporated into the pricing of the product, but you never pay for anything unless you make a sale. No-risk profits!

But there are more money-making opportunities available with the GO systems. GO Exchange is two-way. Designers and sellers input orders to be decorated. Producers fulfill those jobs for the designers. You can choose to be both a seller and a producer, meaning you have access to resources for the jobs you need someone else to do, but you also can accept jobs from others as well. Another source of revenue!

How to Get Started

You will need a Sawgrass Network account and the new CreativeStudio to setup a GO Expression website and/or become a producer in the GO Exchange network. Go ahead and submit an application form to Sawgrass - you can have your store up in minutes!

GO Expression and GO Exchange will change the way you do business. Both systems make it easier for you to stay focused on the more profitable parts of your business while contracting out the tasks that sometimes slow you down. Designers and sellers focus on sales while producers focus on fulfilling orders. Everything is totally integrated to your Sawgrass system, making it a breeze to get up and running with no coding skills required - just a few minutes of administrative functions.

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