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Start Selling Online With The Sawgrass Network

In many ways, selling online is the ultimate location for doing business – open 24/7, no rent, a global reach, instant access for your customers and so much more. But (and there is always a but … ) it takes more than a website to do business online.

In reality, a web store is nothing more than a place to do business, which means that once you build it, you will have to find ways to drive customers to your location in order to generate sales. That means a strong sales and marketing strategy, and once clients arrive, there has to be an e-commerce platform that lets them order products without having to talk to a person. This requires an electronic shopping cart, credit card processing, sales tax calculations, shipping calculations, etc. Suddenly the simplicity of online selling doesn’t seem so simple anymore – if you are building things from scratch.

To make online selling a much easier proposition, many business owners are turning to communities of individual creators, such as Etsy, rather than building a stand-alone website. Such communities provide turn-key sites with all of the functionality they need to get up and selling quickly and easily. Plus, they are like shopping malls where lots of businesses are located together, which in turn attracts a far greater stream of online traffic than an individual website.

The Sawgrass Network

The Sawgrass Network allows you to design, sell and produce orders on a global scale, and is comprised of three platforms: CreativeStudio, GO Expression and GO Exchange.

GO Expression is our version of a community for designers who want create and produce unique designs that can be imprinted on consumer products. It’s a no-cost solution that provides a simple web presence complete with all of the business tools to automatically process orders 24/7. It’s designed to reach a global audience, which makes it possible to expand your reach to an international level. GO Expression links to CreativeStudio, so you can quickly create virtual samples and with a few clicks your products are posted online for the world to purchase.

GO Expression also connects to GO Exchange, which matches you to fulfillers who can produce your products and deliver them straight to the customer. This means you can spend your time designing, promoting and marketing while leaving the production to someone else.

It also makes it easier to offer products you can’t produce, such as mugs if you don’t have a mug press, or large items if you only have a small printer. In addition, if your customer is in another country, GO Exchange will find a producer that is close to that customer so you can avoid all the hassle and cost of doing business long distance. Create Locally – Sell Globally! GO Exchange also offers you the opportunity to produce orders for other customers, thus providing another revenue stream for your business.

GO Expression and GO Exchange are more than just tools to get your products created and delivered, they can also help you make sales and find new customers.

The Sawgrass Network can make selling online a reality for any sublimator. All you need is a Sawgrass account and CreativeStudio (no charge for either) plus a little bit of creativity. It’s fun, easy and profitable.

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