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How The Sawgrass Network Helps the Holiday Rush Banner

How The Sawgrass Network Helps the Holiday Rush

Personalized gifts can take longer to make and ship, so it can be stressful being a shop owner during the holiday rush. The Sawgrass Network can help relieve some of that stress.

One of the benefits of The Sawgrass Network is the localized product fulfillment and shipping. Normally, if you owned a shop in New York and someone in California wanted to buy your product, it would take a few days to get to them. Shoppers could cut down on shipping time by paying more, but a higher price could deter people. With GO Expression, someone could shop on your site up to the last minute because the item will be fulfilled by producers in the area where the item is being shipped. This makes shipping costs lower and the travel time for items much faster.

Holiday markets are also popular around the Christmas season. Generally, artisans sell only the items they have been able to make prior to the event. With GO Exchange, designers and shop owners who specialize in sublimation can create items of any kind that are not in their inventory for users. Artisans can then collect the money up front and send the order through GO Exchange. Those orders can then be fulfilled by a producer in the area where the end product is set to be shipped. This saves on shipping costs and gives shoppers a wider range of options.

This also means that producers in The Network have the ability to receive orders for fulfillment up until the last minute during the holiday season. This gives producers more opportunities to make money.

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