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How We Ensure Consistency in The Sawgrass Network

The Sawgrass Network has built-in safeguards to ensure the products you design and sell on GO Expression are produced at the highest standard possible.

The core of the Network is that all orders go through GO Exchange, which means that in most cases another producer somewhere in the world is actually fulfilling the order, not you. There will be situations where you may be selected as the producer for your own order simply because you are the closest producer to the buyer, but for the most part a significant amount of your sales are being produced by someone you don’t know.

How does the Sawgrass Network ensure consistency and quality of the products?


It starts with the selection of products that are offered. The GO system is restricted to a specific list of substrates, which establishes limitations on what blanks are being utilized. This was done for several reasons, the first being that every producer needs to be working with the same substrates so that the delivered products are the same regardless of who produced them. This ensures that with future orders a customer will get the same product that they ordered before, regardless of who the producer is.

Furthermore, the designated GO products must be available to every producer no matter where they are located in the world. A lot of time and research went into the selection of those substrates, including popularity of the product. Over time, you can expect to see more items added to that list.

Sublimation Equipment

The next aspect of controlling quality and consistency is restricting what sublimation equipment can be used. Only Sawgrass printers can be used by producers. All sublimation inks and printers are not the same, so different brands of ink and printer can yield different variations in color and quality. By ensuring everyone is printing with the same equipment, the Sawgrass Network is able to maintain a high level of consistency. And in the event of a print quality issue, the tech support team can assist the producer in resolving the issue.

Color Management Software

Just as important as the printer and ink is the color management software and printer driver. Sawgrass Print Manager is used by all producers, so the same color management controls are being equally applied across the system. Once again, this helps to ensure consistency in color and quality, no matter where in the world the product is produced.

Design Software

CreativeStudio plays a big part as well. Any imaging software can affect the image itself. The initial image can be created in any editing software. The final design though has to be put into CreativeStudio in order to be sent into GO Expression or GO Exchange. By ensuring that the final product image is being managed by the same software product, the Sawgrass Network once again eliminates variables in the production process that can occur when everyone is not using the same systems.

Sawgrass Technical Support

The final piece of the system is the support team. In the event that a buyer is unhappy with the quality of a product, they can contact the team for assistance. Each case will be investigated. If there is a quality issue, the team will resolve the issue. They will also work with the producer to make sure that any production issues are resolved.

If any producer consistently has quality output issues, they will receive a lower rating internally, which means fewer orders sent to them and possible removal from the Sawgrass Network.

With all these safeguards in place, you can feel confident that the awesome product you created and placed in your GO Expression store will look just as good when the buyer opens their box as it did when they first saw it online.

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