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CreativeStudio Now Accepts Photoshop Files

CreativeStudio users now have the ability to upload .PSD files to the design platform without converting designs to .PNG or .JPG files first.

This new feature allows .PSD files to be uploaded to CreativeStudio in layers so that further edits to the design can be made.

There is some important information you should note when using this new feature:

Download the Guidelines

File Name

In CreativeStudio, your .PSD file name will also be used as the design name when the design is uploaded into the system. It is important to note that file names are limited to 32 characters.

Print Size and Resolution

All .PSD files should be the proper print size and resolution when brought into CreativeStudio. Print size and resolution should be based off of the blank product template being used in CreativeStudio.

Create Using RGB Colors

When you create .PSD images in Photoshop, they need to be created in RGB color codes. Creating in CMYK could result in color conversion when the design is brought into CreativeStudio. This could cause incorrect color output.

Twenty Layers or Less

When uploading .PSD designs into CreativeStudio, you are limited to 20 layers. For maximum output, Sawgrass recommends fewer layers be used.

Layer Structure

All layers uploaded as part of your .PSD files need to be basic. This means layers cannot be stacked, blended, masked or grouped. These layer manipulations could impact the way the design is uploaded into CreativeStudio. Layers can also only be a combination of raster images and interactive text.

Font Formatting

When loading fonts that are part of .PSD drawings, the approximate size and position will be taken from the text layer. All aligned and anchored text information will not be translated into CreativeStudio when you load it into the program. The text layers will always be above the image layers. We have attached downloadable fonts that can be used in both Photoshop and CreativeStudio.  You should also avoid using text transformations in Photoshop. This includes arcs, rotations, strokes and shading. Many of these effects can be performed in CreativeStudio once the design is loaded.

If you have any questions regarding this new feature in CreativeStudio, please contact our Sawgrass Technical Support Team at https://www.sawgrassink.com/support/contact-support.

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