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How to Close a Deal Using Stock Images

By Jimmy Lamb

There are a lot of individuals and businesses that don’t have graphics for marketing, branding or logos – and this is where you come in with a robust image library.

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So many times, I’ve met with a prospective client and found that the need for a logo was at the top of the list. However, most of them didn’t have the budget to hire a graphic artist so they turned to me.

One of my first sales was to a landscaper who wanted the name of his business in an arc above the image of a tree. It sounded simple enough, but he needed the “right” tree. He didn’t know what that was, so we carefully scanned through my stock image library until he found the right one. Bingo! I got the sale.


The next customer had a business that maintained railroad crossing lights and gates. Again, he had no idea what the right image would be but figured he would know it when he saw it. Eventually he settled on a train engine after looking through my stock image library with me.

Now keep in mind, I am no artist. I can combine images and text and be somewhat creative, but that’s about it. The saving grace for me was (and still is) stock images my clients could choose from.

Anticipate What Your Customer Will Need

In the world of sales, you want to make every effort to close a deal during your first meeting or risk losing out to competition. If you have everything you need at your fingertips when conducting a sales presentation, you are in a much better position than saying “let me get back to you on that.”

If you apply that concept to stock designs, that means you have enough on hand that hopefully you can satisfy the client’s needs and get them excited at the same time. Thus, you need to put a lot of thought into a stock image library that has a wide range of good quality designs. Yes, there are plenty of excellent sources online, but if you have to search ten stock design sites in hopes of finding images to take back to a client at a later date, then you are spending an exorbitant amount of time researching.

Take Advantage of CreativeStudio’s Image Library

If you have a Sawgrass printer you have access to thousands of stock images through CreativeStudio. Based on customer feedback, we created a premium membership for CreativeStudio that features new, unique images from professional artists all over the world. It also features a connection to Pixabay to import thousands of additional designs and images. This means your library is constantly growing you will have ever more original artwork for your customers. Most importantly, all the designs will be in one place – CreativeStudio.


But how does your customer see your library? If you are doing in-person sales, then take a laptop so you can open CreativeStudio and work one-on-one with the client. Because it is internet-based, you will need to ensure you have a Wi-Fi connection. Almost all cell phones have built-in Wi-Fi hotspots that you can use to run your laptop. Just make sure you have a data plan that supports it.

Consider Online Meetings to Make Connections Even Post-pandemic

Of course, face-to-face contact is not ideal during the current pandemic and you’ll need an alternative method to show off your design library. Zoom it! Just setup an online video presentation on a system such as Zoom, share your screen and log in to CreativeStudio. Now the customer can see what you see and together the both of you can search for just the right image for the job.

Zoom also works great for reaching out to clients who live far away, so be sure to make it a regular tool in your sales arsenal.

Stock designs can and will make a difference in your business. I have been doing this for thirty years and I know it first-hand. The right design can make all the difference, no matter the product, the market or the customer.

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