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How to Use Fresh Content to Keep Your Online Store Relevant

By Jimmy Lamb

Always think of your store as a work in progress and continually work to improve it with fresh content. You can learn a lot about maintaining an online store by visiting a brick and mortar store.

While certain stores, like groceries, sell essentials and need to have predictable stock, clothing or gift stores are different. Customers in these stores are looking for new and trending items, and if it’s the same-old same-old they’ll get bored and might not return.

Over the many years that I have sold decorated products, most of them have been tourist-related products with coastal images that we sold to store owners for resale. Thus, it was important that we always had new designs to offer, but at the same time we needed to still be able to produce popular designs from past years. We closely tracked what our best sellers were and always kept them in our portfolio. Now look at what you are selling and determine which of these two scenarios best describes your GO Expression or other online store. In all likelihood your store is probably a combination. You will have certain items that are available all the time and others that might come and go.

What does all this mean for your GO Expression site?

Keeping things fresh has a lot of positive impact on your site. For one, it means you are building your inventory which should appeal to a wider range of new customers. It also gives your existing customers a reason to come back to see what’s new.

Update Your Store by Theme

For some stores, seasonal themes are a great way to keep things fresh. Holidays, seasons, celebrations, etc. can the basis for new products. Once that theme is passed, remove that merchandise and replace with the next set of themed products. In the United States for example, you see Valentine’s, then Easter, then spring, then Mother’s Day, then summer, etc. If that makes sense for your store’s focus, then do it.


Update Your Store by Market

For other stores that focus on certain target markets, like first responders, rotating themes probably doesn’t apply. Instead, focus on new batches of designs (vs single designs). You’re much more likely to drive traffic if you’re able to say to your followers on Facebook, “Hi everyone, come check out our new collection of first responder products with all new images that can be customized to your needs.”

For your customer, it’s the same kind of thing. New stuff, especially in bulk, gets them excited and they start thinking with their emotions, which is a great motivator for buying.That’s one of the things we like to do for our premium members in CreativeStudio. The real excitement comes when we drop a themed batch such as Halloween or Christmas. As a user it’s fun to peruse the new collection and start brainstorming ideas on how to best use them.

Bottomline: keeping your site fresh and filled with exciting products is a fantastic tool for growing your GO Expression business.

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