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Let's Talk Turkey in CreativeStudio

From elegant autumn frames to turkey talk, there’s something for everyone in CreativeStudio’s latest collection.

This season, you’ll notice we are organizing designs differently than we have in the past and splitting similar themes within collections into separate folders. This will help users narrow down the type of designs they are looking for.

Here are some of our favorite designs from each folder:



This folder gives a general feel of the season. Here you will find pumpkins, apples, gourds and fall colors. This folder also contains items that can be used as singular design elements.


Autumn Elegance

This is by far the most unique folder of the entire Autumn collection with beautiful, shimmery colors and elegant quotes. All the designs are print-ready, but of course we’d love to see how you customize them!


Fall Florals

The “Fall Floral” folder is loaded with colorful, seasonal frames that have pre-measured masks to easily place photos or fall-themed monograms. These frames are a great addition to your GO Expression store because shoppers can place their own photo within the frame.


Kids Table

This folder will help you make the perfect sublimated gift for the little turkey in your life at Thanksgiving. These designs bright, colorful and aimed towards children.


Talk Turkey

It goes without saying: the turkey is the main event of the Thanksgiving feast. You’ll find designs filled with fall colors and larger-than-life design elements.



This folder captures the essence of Thanksgiving time. These designs are filled with beautiful quotes, bright colors and positive messages.

For ideas on how to use some of our autumn designs, head to our Project Cards.

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