Ink Differently With the Sawgrass Podcast

Want to learn how to run a sublimation business? We talk to Sawgrass users who have done it. We'll share their tips, tricks and secrets to success.

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Episode 22: Silky Socks Products

Dannesh Kassamali is the founder and director of Silky Socks, a sublimation company that specializes in unique and comfortable sublimatable clothing.

Dannesh talks to us about his leap from silk screen printing to sublimation and starting his own business. In his time, Dannesh has taken a lot of risks in order to expand his business and develop the specific products that he wants to sell.

Dannesh gives great advice for any new business owner wondering what the pay-off could be if you take a risk.

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Episode 21: The Sassy Subber

Nicky Adamkiewicz AKA "The Sassy Subber" is a ball of enthusiasm and energy in the sublimation world.

Nicky has cultivated an online community of small businesses who support one another. Nicky talks about how she supports her tribe with encouragement and promotions. With a network of interconnected small businesses Nicky tells us how she has been able to encourage partnerships over competition so everyone wins.

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Episode 20: Vapor Apparel

Jackson Burnett and his team at Vapor Apparel are revolutionizing the sublimation industry through a new green initiative.

Vapor Apparel specializes in sublimatable performance apparel. Now, Jackson tells us how the company is reinventing itself to become more eco-friendly. Jackson explains what it is like to rebrand an already well-established name. He also talks about how Vapor's sublimation shirts are now made from recycled plastic bottles!

How could initiatives like this impact your business? You'll have to listen to find out!

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Episode 19: Lycia Evanoff

Lycia Evanoff is a Silhouette influencer and teacher who is expending her empire into the world of sublimation.

In this podcast, Lycia explains the nitty-gritty details of starting a business that you may not have thought about. Lycia reviews state laws, LLCs, the use of mentors and more. Plus, Lycia discusses the best ways to incorporate sublimation into an already existing Silhouette business.

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Episode 18: Diksha Patel

Diksha Patel has been a designer for more than 20 years. For more than a year she has been contributing content to CreativeStudio. Now, Diksha can be found under her own folder for both Free and Premium content as a Featured Designer.

Diksha talks about her design background and why its important for every entrepreneur to know that there is a market out there for your creations.

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Episode 17: Laura Juba

She is the talent behind most of your favorite designs in CreativeStudio... you just don't know it!

Designer Laura Juba has been a contributing designer for Sawgrass CreativeStudio for nearly two years. Now, Laura is getting her own folder, under her own name, as a featured designer.

Laura talks about the strength it takes to leave the corporate world and start your own business! She also talks about running your own business while having small kids.

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Episode 16: CrystalAnn

CrystalAnn is taking sublimation influencing to the next level.

In this fun conversation, CrustalAnn goes over what it takes to be an influencer in the competitive crafting world. CrystalAnn shares with us how she makes a living, how she got started in the industry and how she pushes the envelope. Plus, she reveals a major project in the works that will revolutionize the way she presents her classes to followers.

Episode 15: Jim Raffel

Jim Raffel from Color Casters is a color expert.

In this episode, we break down how your Sawgrass printer works with SPM. Jim explains color profiles, the science behind color and reviews the common mistakes that people make when working with sublimation.

Episode 14: Breana Chaplin

Breana Chaplin from "Lookin' Sharp Sublimations" is a beautiful person both inside and out. Between her positive personality and her determination to give back, it is no wonder she has been successful.

Breana joins Meghan to talk about her sublimation transfer business. Breanna prints and ships thousands of sublimation transfer sheets every week. These sheets are filled with designs from small business artists and are purchased by other small businesses. Talk about businesses supporting businesses!

Breana also opens up about how she uses her platform to create awareness for SIDS after her son died on Mother's Day 2020.

Breana's story is compelling and an episode you will not want to miss.

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Episode 13: A-Dubb

What started off as a YouTube channel used to do product testing turned into a part-time job. Then, when Alan lost his job, he kicked it into over-drive and turned his YouTube channel into a full-time business.

Alan talks about being an influencer and creating products in multiple different product decorating technologies.

Episode 12: Action Illustrated

Ryan Eberle from Action Illustrated has been deeply integrated into the world of sublimation for decades. From working under others to starting his own design business, Ryan has experienced it all. Now, he is one of our featured artists in CreativeStudio.

Listen as Ryan talks about what it is like to own a design company ... without having any design skills himself! Ryan also discusses the importance of hiring the right people to bring skills to the table that you may not have.

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Episode 11: Sarah Hurley

She's known as one of the top crafting influencers in the UK. With several businesses under her umbrella, Sarah Hurley is taking the crafting world by storm.

But, it wasn't always that way. Listen as Sarah tells Meghan about how she was down to her last $50 before turning to the crafting world to change her life. Sarah talks about pushing your limits to help you be successful. She also talks about the importance of leaning on others. This is an inspirational story you won't want to miss.

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Episode 10: Mandy Graham

She went from nursing school to being one of the most sought after names in the vinyl world.

Mandy Graham from SparkleBerry Ink joins Meghan to talk about how a lack of product diversity in the vinyl world encouraged her to launch a brand. Mandy talks about being an influencer, working with big box stores and how her band of loyal followers online propelled her to where she is today.

Episode 9: Sabine

She is the woman behind many of the digital sublimation and vinyl designs that you love!

Sabine from Chameleon Cuttables joins us to talk about her newest collection in CreativeStudio as a featured artist. Sabine tells us what the hot design trends of the year will be. Plus, she talks about following your dreams and making a living out of what you love doing most.

Be sure to find both free and premium designs by Chameleon Cuttables in our CreativeStudio.

Episode 8: Dane Clement

There is no doubt, Dane's designs are certainly great!

Meet Dane, founder, CEO and graphic artist for Great Dane Graphics. In this podcast, Dane walks us through how to use your passion for art to start a business. Dane also discusses when its time to bring on help as a business owner. As someone who has guided his business through a hurricane and multiple recessions, Dane advises on the right moves to make when faced with adversity.

Great Dane Graphics are now featured in our CreativeStudio as part of our Premium Membership.

Episode 7: Lorrie NuneMAKER

Do you think you have what it takes to be a sublimation influencer? Listen to what it takes to make it in the crafting world from someone who has done it!

Lorrie NuneMAKER is a well known sublimation and crafting influencer. Lorrie talks about her journey in the crafting world, how she gained her followers and how she makes a living as an influencer.

Episode 6: Stephanie Bryant

At a time when the travel industry took a hit because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Stephanie Bryant found her small travel agency business booming! It was all thanks to her creativity and sublimation!

Stephanie walks us through how sublimation saved her business. Plus, she shares some of the unique ways she has decided to market her creations in her community. We'll give you a hint, her young daughter is involved.

Episode 5: Young Entrepreneur

Abby Rosilier started her sublimated cellphone case business when she was 16. Now, at 18 and a full-time college student, Abby's company has flourished into a six-figure business!
How did she do it? TikTok and other social media platforms!
Listen as Abby breaks down the success of her company that has become a full blown family business.
To see Abby's products you can head to or follow her on social media @abbyrosecases.

Episode 4: DJ Rogers Finds Profit in Retirement With Sublimation

DJ Rogers and her partner went into retirement with the idea of using their Sawgrass printer as a fun way to make some money on the side. Now, their business has taken off so much that sublimation has become their full-time job. DJ walks Meghan through her history in the print-on-demand business.

Episode 3: "Project Runway" Star Turns to Sublimation

Ashley Nell Tipton made headlines as the groundbreaking winner of Season 14 of "Project Runway". When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Ashley turned away from fashion designing and focused on making masks. Ashley invested in an SG500 to help her design and create masks more efficiently. In this podcast, Ashley tells Meghan about her fashion history, her success with sublimated masks and talks about how she plans to continue to use Sawgrass in the future.

Episode 2: A Sawgrass User Makes the CBS Evening News

One Sawgrass user is getting national attention! Huckleberry Starnes was featured on the CBS evening news after he created and donated masks to his local first responders. The kicker ... the masks all had smiles on them! Huckleberry tells us how his business has been impacted since he gained a national following. Plus, he walks us through how he was able to be so successful and his future plans.

Episode 1: Introduction to Ink Differently

Welcome to the first episode of "Ink Differently"! Meet Meghan, our Sawgrass Technologies spokesperson. In this episode, Meghan explains what you can expect to hear as "Ink Differently" takes off. Meghan will be joined by small business owners from the sublimation world and other crafting medias throughout the course of this podcast series. We are on the hunt to give listeners all the information they need to know to be successful. So sit back and learn!

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About the Host

Meghan Rodenhouse is the host of "Ink Differently." Meghan is also the spokesperson and social media coordinator for Sawgrass Technologies. After working in television news for five years, she branched out into a more creative role with Sawgrass. Meghan has a passion for storytelling and is excited to launch the Ink Differently podcast.

Want to learn more from Meghan? You can catch her live on Facebook every Wednesday at 3PM EST. You can also find her educational videos on YouTube and in the Sawgrass Academy.