How To: Heart Monogram Clutch

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Personalize a clutch from the inside- out for a style that is uniquely your own!

Skill Level:

Heart Monogram Clutch   Teaser


  • Sawgrass Printer
  • Sawgrass Inks
  • Flat heat press
  • Free CreativeStudio membership 
  • Zipper clutch (inside polyester & outside cotton)
  • EasySubli Vinyl
  • TruePix Paper
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • PicScan mat
  • Silhouette Studio 
  • Silhouette Hook
  • Cell Phone
  • Heat tape 
  • Blow out paper

Pressing Guide

  • Time: See Instructions
  • Temperature: See Instructions
  • Pressure: See Instructions

Heart Monogram Clutch :

Bag Interior 

  1. Open CreativeStudio, go to the "Blank Products" tab, click on the "Design Canvas" folder and select the 11x 8.5 sheet of paper.
  2. Click on the "Design" tab, go to the free "Valentine's Day" folder and select the red background design with the red hearts.
  3. Click "Select All" and use the "Scale" bar in your Tool Box to make the design take up the entire sheet of paper.
  4. Click on the hearts layer of the design.  Go to your Tool Box, click on "Fill Color" and turn your hearts white.
  5. Load TruePix Paper into your printer shiny side down.
  6. Head to the top right hand corner of your screen and click the printer button.  Select polyester as your material and vivid as your color mode.  Increase the number of copies to two and click print.
  7. Turn your bag inside out and secure your bag to your paper using heat tape.
  8. Press your bag at 385 degrees for 45 seconds on a medium pressure.
  9. Repeat steps seven and eight for the other side of your bag.

Bag Exterior 

  1. Open CreativeStudio, click on the "Blank Products" tab, click on the "Design Canvas" folder and select the 8.5x 11 sheet of paper.
  2. Click on the "Elements" tab, open the "Shapes" folder and select a heart.  Stretch it to be four inches large.
  3. Go to your Tool Box, click on "Fill Color" and turn your heart red.
  4. Go to the "Text" tab, select the Alex Brush font and type in your first initial.  Use the corners of your letter to make the letter larger.
  5. Repeat step four for the rest of your initials.
  6. Select each initial, go to your Tool Box, click on "Fill Color" and turn each letter white.
  7. Load your EasySubli Vinyl into your printer plastic side up.
  8. Click the printer button at the top right hand corner of your screen.  Select Heat Transfer Vinyl as your product and vivid as your color mode.
  9. Print your design and place your vinyl under your heat press (set to 311 degrees) for 45 seconds.  Note, do not close the heat press.  Just let the vinyl sit under the heat.
  10. Place your vinyl on your PicScan mat, take a picture of it, save it to your desktop and email it to yourself.
  11. Load the image to your Silhouettte Studio.  Click on the PicScan button click "Ok" and "Continue".  Click the "Trace" button and draw a square around your design.  Adjust the "Threshold" scale until your design is filled in yellow.  Note, your letters will not fill in.  Click "Trace and Detach". 
  12. Load your PicScan mat into your cutter.
  13. Click "Send" in the top right hand corner of your Silhouette Studio.  Then click "Send" at the bottom of your screen.
  14. After your image cuts, unload your Pic Scan mat from your cutter.  Use your Silhouette Hook to detach your vinyl from its backing.
  15. Place your heart on top of your clutch and put blow out paper on top of it.
  16. Press your clutch at 311 degrees for 15 seconds on a medium pressure.

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