How To: Monogram Drink Holder

This summery drink holder with a monogram is perfect for your GO Expression store. Create the design and let your customer personalized the initials.

Skill Level:

Monogram Drink Holder  Teaser


  • +Sawgrass Printer
  • +Polyester coated drink holder
  • +Premium CreativeStudio membership
  • +Flat heat press
  • +Blow out paper
  • +Heat transfer tape
  • +Heat resistant glove

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 400 degrees
  • Pressure: Medium

Monogram Drink Holder:

Find the Design

Select the beverage holder from the Blank Products tab. Open the summer designs folder in the Design tab. Select this design and scale to the beverage holder.

Add a Circle Background

Open the Elements tab, go to shapes and select a circle. Scale the circle, move it to the middle of the product. Go to the “Fill Color” button in your Tool Box and choose a pink hue.

Create the Initials

Click the Text tab on the left-hand side of your screen. Search for “Engieoeri,” select it and type a letter. Repeat this step three times to form three different letters to make a monogram. Select a letter. Change the color of the letters and the outline by going to your Tool Box and selecting a color from “Fill Color” and “Outline Color.”

Print and Press

Press the printer button at the top right had corner of your screen. Use the textile and graphics settings. Tape the blank beverage holder to the paper with heat transfer tape. Press item and remove paper with heat resistant glove.

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