How To: Patterened Teacher Beverage Holder

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Create a perfect gift for the favorite teacher in your life!

Skill Level:

Patterened Teacher Beverage Holder  Teaser


Sawgrass Printer
CreativeStudio membership
Sublimation paper
Polyester coated beverage holder
Lint roller
Heat press
Parchment or butcher paper
Heat tape or adhesive spray
Heat resistant gloves

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 400 degrees F
  • Pressure: Medium

Patterened Teacher Beverage Holder:

  • Select the beverage holder from the Blank Products tab. Open the Back-to-School free folder in the Designs tab. Add the Apple Sunglasses pattern.
  • Resize the design by clicking on the Select All icon at the top. Use one of the black squares to stretch the design to the desired size and center the design on your beverage holder.
  • Load your sublimation paper bright side down in your printer.
  • Press the print button at the top right had corner of your screen. Set your page size to US Letter, product to polyester, paper to True Pix Classic and color mode to vivid. Make sure mirror is on. Sawgrass print manager should pop up, click print.
  • Turn on the heat press, set temp to 400F and time to 45 seconds.
  • Run a lint roller over your beverage holder to remove any debris. Tape the blank beverage holder to the paper with heat tape or use adhesive spray. Set in heat press with design facing down. Add butcher or parchment paper to both sides. Press item at 400F for 45 seconds. Remove paper with heat resistant gloves.
  • If you want to add the design to the back of your beverage holder, wait until cool and repeat on the back side.
  • This makes a great gift for any teacher!

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