How To: Square Glitter Leather Keychain

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Never lose your keys again with this patterned, custom glitter keychain. 

Skill Level:

Square Glitter Leather Keychain  Teaser


Premium CreativeStudio Membership  

Sawgrass Printer  

Sublimation paper  

Glitter leather keychain  

Heat Tape  

Heat Gloves  

Blowout paper  

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 50 seconds
  • Temperature: 360 degrees F
  • Pressure: Light

Square Glitter Leather Keychain:

  1. Go to the "Blank Products" tab in CreativeStudio and use the search bar to look for the “square keychain polyleather”.  

  1. Go to the "Designs" tab and click on the “Pamella prints” premium folder.  Select the “grid” design.  

  1. To personalize click on the Text icon on the left, click creative studio folder then scroll down and click on page 2 now click on “Allura” font. On the right use the text box to add your name.  

  1. Next resize using the size bar under the text box. 

  1. Change the color of the font by clicking on the “fill color” icon then pick a color If you know your RGB or CMYK you can set those values for example I used R134, G126, B126 when you’re done click the x. 

  1. To add an offset, click on the “outline color” icon, pick a color or set your RGB value to R178, G209, B226 and then click on the stroke bar and drag to the right until you’re happy with the offset.  

  1. Click on name to drag it to the center or bottom of the keychain  

  1. Now you’re ready to print click on the “Print icon at the top right, choose your printer and set the paper size to us letter. For the materials change the product to polyester and set the color mode to vivid, click print. The sawgrass print manager should pop up, click on print. 

  1. Turn on your heat press and set the temp to 360F and the timer to 50 seconds with light pressure.  

  1. Trim down the printed design and place the keychain face down on the printed design and apply tape to both sides. 

  1. Place a piece of blowout paper on the lower heat platen then place the keychain with the paper side up, add another piece of blowout paper on top then press for 50 seconds. 

  1. Put on heat gloves to remove the paper and tape, let the keychain cool and enjoy! 

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