How To: Woodland Creatures Baby Bib

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Any baby will be the talk of the table in this cute woodland animal themed bib. 

Skill Level:

Woodland Creatures Baby Bib  Teaser


Premium CreativeStudio Membership  

Sawgrass SG 1000 

15”x15” Heat Press or larger 

11”x17” sublimation paper or larger 

Fleece Baby Bib 

Lint Roller 

Heat Tape  

Blowout paper  

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 390 degrees F
  • Pressure: Medium

Woodland Creatures Baby Bib:

  1. Go to the "Blank Products" tab in CreativeStudio and click on the “Clothing” Icon then go to page 3 and scroll to “Large Velcro Bib.”  

  1. Go to the "Designs" tab and click on the “Featured Designer – Carina Gardner” Premium folder.  You want to choose the “Woodland Animal Circle” design. 

  1. Click on “Select All” in the top panel.  Resize and center the design. 

  1. Click on “Select All” again to deselect. 

  1. This design does not have a background.  This is ideal if you have a smaller printer or press and only want to add the design but not have a full bleed design.  If you would like to add a background, that works well also! 

  1. To add a background, go to Elements, and then shapes.  You want to select a rectangle. 

  1. Add the rectangle and use the “send backward” function on the right side. 

  1. Use the “fill color” option on the right to change the color of the background.  We used hex code #f0f3c3.  You can use this or use any color of your choosing for the background.  

  1. You can also add text if you choose.  Go to the text feature on the left, then the Creative Studio folder.  A font we’d suggest is “Permanent Marker.”   

  1. Add your personalized message in the right text box 

  1. You can use fill color to change the color of the text. 

  1. You can also resize it using the anchors or the font size slider on the right bar. 

  1. Now we are ready to print, click on the "print" Icon at the top right the printer should be set on the Sawgrass SG 1000, paper size Tabloid, product “Polyester,” and change color mode to “vivid.”  Then, you will click on print. Sawgrass Print Manager should pop up and click on print. 

  1. Turn on and set your heat press to 490F and your time to 45 Seconds. 

  1. Run a lint roller over the bib to remove any dust or fibers before sublimating. 

  1. Place your design face down and center on the bib, tape down the printed design with heat tape on both sides. 

  1. Place the bib on the lower heat platen and cover the printed design with blowout paper and press for 45 seconds. 

  1. Slowly lift top platen and quickly remove the printed design.  😊 Enjoy! 

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