How To: Fearless T-shirt

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Show off your fearless side with this trendy t-shirt.

Skill Level:

Fearless T-shirt  Teaser


Sawgrass printer & inks
TruePix Paper
100% Polyester shirt
Flat heat press
Foam kit
Premium CreativeStudio
Blow out paper 
Heat tape or spray adhesive

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 385 degrees
  • Pressure: Medium

Fearless T-shirt:

  1. Open your CreativeStudio and select a women's t-shirt template from the "Clothing" folder in the Blank Products tab.

  2. Go to the Elements tab and select the heart mask.  Size the mask on the shirt.  Go to the "Fill Color" button in your Tool Box and turn your mask white.

  3. Click on the Backgrounds tab, open the Premium SparkleBerry folder and select the pink speckled background.  Shrink the background to be the same size as your mask and click "Send Backwards" in your Tool Box so that the speckled background takes the shape of the heart.

  4. Go back to the Elements tab, open the "Design Graphics" folder and select the distressed square on page five.

  5. Select the distressed square, go to your Tool Box and unselect the "Lock Aspect Ratio" box.  Pull on the ends until your square becomes a thin rectangle extending just beyond the heart.  Go to your "Fill Color" button and type in Hex Code: #ffeeed.

  6. Go to the Text tab, open the "CreativeStudio" folder and select the "Pinyon Script" font.  In your Tool Box type in the word "Fearless".  Open the "Fill Color" buton and type in Hex Code: #a86e8c.

  7. Click "Select All" at the top of your screen then pull on the sides of your design and manipulate it until it is the size you want.  Click "Select All" again to unselect your design.

  8. Click the printer button on the top right hard corner of your screen.  Select "Polyester" as your product and "Vivid" as your color mode.

  9. Cut your foam kit to be larger than your design, but smaller than your sheet of paper.  This will eliminate press lines.  Slide your foam kit under your shirt and lay your design on top of your shirt with either heat tape or spray adhesive.

  10. Press and quickly remove your paper.

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