How To: Quarant-ween T-shirt

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Halloween will look different this year!  This t-shirt will help make 2020 a year to remember.

Skill Level:

Quarant-ween T-shirt  Teaser


Sawgrass printer
Flat heat press
100% polyester t-shirt
CreativeStudio Premium membership
Foam kit
Lint roller
Blow out paper

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 385 degrees
  • Pressure: Medium

Quarant-ween T-shirt:

1.  Go to the "Blank Products" tab in CreativeStudio and choose a t-shirt template from the clothing folder.  Zoom into the template so you have a larger workspace to design in.
2.  Go to the "Design" tab and open up the "Goulish Fun" folder.  Choose the "Resting Witch Face" design.  Delete everything except the background and the broomstick.  Click the broomstick, go to your tool box, unselect aspect ratio and resize your broom to make it longer and thinner.
3.  Go back to your "Design" tab, open the "Ghoulish Fun" folder and select the "Witch Mode" design.  Delete everything except the witch.  Resize the witch and click the duplicate button in your tool box to make a copy of it.  Position each witch at either end of the broom.
4.  Select each witch and turn them white using the "Fill Color" button in your tool box.
5.  Go back to your "Design" tab and go to the "Quarantine" folder.  Select the design of the doctors wearing masks.  Delete all but two masks.  Resize each mask, use the fill color button in your tool box to turn them black and layer them on top of the witches' faces.
6.  Go to your "Text" tab and chooes the "Destroy Book" font.  Use the "Fill Color" tab in your tool box to turn your font white.  Head back to your "Text" tab and select the "Amatic SC" font.  Type in "*Please stand one broomstick apart"
7.  Click the printer button and select Polyester as your material and Vivid as your color mode.
8.  Lint roll the front of your shirt.  Make sure your foam kit is cut so it is larger than your design but smaller than your sheet of paper to eliminate press lines.
9.  Press and remove paper quickly.

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