How To: Summer Days Kids T-Shirt

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Do you want to sublimate on cotton? This is the perfect project to get started using Siser EasySubli vinyl. 

Skill Level:

Summer Days Kids T-Shirt  Teaser


Sawgrass Printer  

Siser EasySubli  

Cotton T-shirt  

15”x15” heat press  

Heat Tape  

Pressing pillow  

Blowout paper  

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 15 seconds
  • Temperature: 311 degress F
  • Pressure: Medium

Summer Days Kids T-Shirt:

  1. Go to the "Blank Products" tab in CreativeStudio and click on the design canvases tab and from there click on 8.5”x11” portrait.  

  1. Go to the "Designs" tab and click on the “Summer” Premium folder.  Select the “Hello Summer” design. 

  1. Resize the design by clicking on the select all icon at the top use one of the black squares to stretch the design to the desired size and center the design on the canvas click on select all to let go of the layers. 

  1. Click on the “print” icon on the top right, choose your printer and set your page size to US letter. Turn OFF the mirror and change your product to “Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)” then set color mode to vivid, click print. Sawgrass print manager should pop up click print.  

  1. Turn on the heat press, set temp to 311F and timer for 15 seconds. 

  1. Place the printed design face up under the heat press with the top platen hovering over the design about 1-2 inches and do not close for 60 seconds. This will set and dry the ink. 

  1. Trim excess material and remove the carrier sheet. 

  1. Place the pressing pillow inside the t-shirt and pre-press for 5 seconds to remove any moisture and smooth out wrinkles. 

  1. Lint roll the T-shirt to remove any lint or debris. 

  1. Place Siser EasySubli on the tote bag with the design facing up and cover It with a piece of parchment paper then press for 15 Seconds.  

  1. Remove parchment paper and enjoy! 

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