How To: Full Wrap Summer Beer Glass

Full Wrap Summer Beer Glass  Thumbnail

Make a super trendy frosted beer glass to take to the beach this summer.  

Skill Level:

Full Wrap Summer Beer Glass  Teaser


Sawgrass premium CreativeStudio Membership  

Sawgrass Printer  

Mug Press  

Sublimation paper  

Heat Tape  

Frosted Beer Glass  

Blowout paper  

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 90 seconds
  • Temperature: 380 degrees F
  • Pressure: Light / Medium

Full Wrap Summer Beer Glass:

  1. Go to the "Custom Canvas” tab to create a blank canvas, change the unit to inches and set the Width to 9.6” and the Height to 3.4” then click on create.  

  1. Go to the "Backgrounds" tab and click on the “Summer” premium folder.  Select the fruit pattern. 

  1. Remove the background color select it and click the trash icon at the top. 

  1. Click on the “select all” icon at the top, use the black square on one of the corners to drag in and out to resize to cover the canvas another option would be to print a full 8.5”x11” with the fruit pattern then use a paper trimmer to cut to size. 

  1. Now you’re ready to print click on the “printer” icon at the top right, select your printer and set paper size to us letter, set the product to glass then click print. The Sawgrass print manager should pop up, then click print. 

  1. Turn on and set your mug press temp to 380F and the time for 90 seconds.  

  1. Clean your glass with a lint free cloth  

  1. Trim your printed design down to size, then center on your glass tape down the center pulling tight. 

  1. Place your glass in the heat press and close for 90 seconds 

  1. With heat gloves remove the beer glass and set aside to cool  

  1. Remove sublimation paper and put on your lid and insert the straw, Enjoy! 

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