How To: Wedding Water Bottle

Wedding Water Bottle  Thumbnail
Send your guests home with a trendy wedding favor that they can use forever.

Skill Level:

Wedding Water Bottle  Teaser


  • Sawgrass Printer
  • Premium CreativeStudio membership
  • SubliShrink 
  • Convection oven
  • Heat transfer tape
  • Oven mitt 

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 6.5 minutes
  • Temperature: 400 degrees
  • Pressure: medium

Wedding Water Bottle:

  1. Open up your CreativeStudio and select the stainless steel water bottle template from the "Drinkware" folder in the Blank Products tab.
  2. Go to the Designs tab and open the "Monogram" folder.  Select the design shown above.  Click on a letter, go to your tool box, and type in the "text" field to change the letter to your initials.  Repeat for the other letter with your spouse's initial.
  3. Click "Select All" and position your design how you want it.
  4. Click the printer button on the top right hand corner of your screen.  Select "Stainless Steel Tumbler" as your material and "Vivid" as your color mode.
  5. Print your design and wrap it around your tumbler.  Place the tumbler inside of the SubliShrink.  Place it in your convection oven and quickly rip the SubliShrink and paper off when it is done.

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