How To: Canvas Welcome Sign

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Refresh your home décor with a personalized welcome sign, or gift it for the perfect housewarming gift.  

Skill Level:

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Premium CreativeStudio Membership  

Sawgrass SG 1000 

16”x20” Heat Press  

11”x17” sublimation paper  

Banner Canvas sign  

Lint roller  

Heat Tape  

Blowout paper  

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 390 degrees F
  • Pressure: Medium

Canvas Welcome Sign:

  1. Go to the "Blank Products" tab in CreativeStudio and click on the “Design Canvases” Icon then scroll down and click on “11”x17” portrait.  

  1. Go to the "Designs" tab and click on the “Home” Premium folder.  Select the Welcome script design. 

  1.  The design should be in the center of the canvas this will leave a boarder at the top and bottom of the canvas. 

  1. You can change the color of the background by selecting the layer and clicking on the fill color icon on the right. 

  1. To personalize the text, click on “The Hunters” then on the right side click on the text box to type out your name, you can also use the drop down under the text box to change the font as well as the size bar to adjust the size. 

  1. Now we are ready to print, click on the "print" Icon at the top right the printer should be set on the Sawgrass SG 1000, paper size US Tabloid, product polyester, and change color mode to vivid next click on print. Sawgrass Print Manager should pop up and click on print. 

  1. Turn on and set your heat press to 390F and your time to 45 Seconds. 

  1. Lint roll and pre-press the canvas for 5 seconds. 

  1. Place your design face down and center on the canvas, tape down the printed design with heat tape on both sides. 

  1. Place the canvas on the lower heat platen and cover the printed design with blowout paper and press for 45 seconds. 

  1. Slowly lift top platen and quickly remove the printed design and attach the wooden ends 😊 Enjoy! 

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