How To: Self-Care Wall Hanging

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Everyone needs a little reminder now and again!

Skill Level:

Self-Care Wall Hanging  Teaser


Sawgrass Printer
CreativeStudio Premium Membership
Sublimation paper
Wall hanging substrate
Lint roller
Heat press
Parchment or butcher paper
Heat tape or adhesive spray
Heat resistant gloves

Pressing Guide

  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Temperature: 400 degrees F
  • Pressure: Medium

Self-Care Wall Hanging:

  • In Creative Studio, under Blank Products, select the CHERRY EDGE PLAQUE 6"X8". Then in Designs, in the Take Care folder, select the “Love Yourself” heart design.
  • Orient your design either landscape or portrait by clicking Select All and then rotating the design. With “Select All” still in use, resize your design to your liking by clicking on the corner and dragging.
  • Load your sublimation paper bright side down in your printer.
  • Press the print button at the top right had corner of your screen. Set your page size to US Letter, ensure mirror is selected, change the product to ceramic tile, paper to True Pix Classic and color mode to vivid. Then click print. Once the Sawgrass print manager pops up, click print again.
  • Lint roll your wall hanging to remove any dust. Then align your print on your substrate and using heat tape or adhesive spray, secure them together. With heat gloves on, and parchment or butcher paper on both above and below the wall hanging, press your wall hanging with medium pressure at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds.
  • Carefully remove from the heat press, take off the sublimation paper, and enjoy!

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