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Start or Grow Your Product Decoration Business

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Sell on
GO Expression

  • +Earn with zero investment
  • +Free shop in global marketplace
  • +Integrated with CreativeStudio
  • +Sell increased variety of products
  • +Focus on sales and marketing

Produce Through
GO Exchange

  • +Earn money by producing orders
  • +Get matched with orders 
  • +Maximize your production capacity
  • +Do what you enjoy - producing product

Join GO Exchange &
GO Expression

  • +Create multiple revenue streams
  • +Sell to global market
  • +Expand product offering
  • +Get the best of both - sell and produce

How It Works


Design in CreativeStudio using standardized templates and send them to your online store, GO Expression.


Items in your GO Expression store can be personalized by customers and fulfilled by producers in GO Exchange.


Use the Global Order Exchange to sell globally and produce orders for other sellers through GO Expression.

How You Profit in The Sawgrass Network

A shopper buys a crew sweatshirt for:

A seller earns:
25% ($12.50)

A producer earns:
45% ($22.49)

Benefits of Joining The Sawgrass Network

No Listing Fees

Fill your shop with every design you've ever dreamed of creating!

Expand Your Product Offering

Because there is a network of producers you can offer products you previously couldn’t.

Earn Without Limits

Partner with sellers globally. Produce for yourself or others to create additional revenue.

You're Not Tied to Us

We want you to succeed: sell with us, Etsy, Amazon and more, all at the same time!

Control Your Pricing

You value your work, so you set the pricing above the minimum retail.

No Equipment Required

Get started as a designer in CreativeStudio and sell your work through the Network. 

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