Sawgrass Public Beta Software Program

You're invited to help make the next release of Sawgrass Print Manager the best we've ever released. By participating in our program, you can directly affect the ongoing development of Sawgrass Print Manager. Get started below with our pre-release software and let us know what you think!

Exciting New Features


  • Ability to send directly to SPM from most Mac print dialogs
  • Improved file processing
  • Significantly lower RAM usage
  • Autoprint improvements
  • Streamlined driver installation process
  • Smart Folder can be renamed or moved
  • Reset SPM - instantly fix problems that would normally require a reinstall
  • Much, much more!

How Do I Provide Feedback?

We are excited to hear what you think of our pre-release software, and your feedback will help to improve our final releases. If something isn't working the way it should, or you'd like to see something added, please let us know! Bookmark the page below to submit your valuable feedback at any time.

Provide Feedback

Current Known Issues with the Beta

Non-Latin Characters in OS username: Non-Latin characters in the OS username will lead to program errors. This has been confirmed on Windows. MacOS has yet to exhibit this behavior. This issue affects 500/1000 users only.

Similarly Named Printers on MacOS: Users with multiple Sawgrass printers will notice on MacOS may experience the incorrect printer performing the print job. Presently, to resolve this, simply rename your printers so that the first 9 characters of the name are different from one another.

Gatekeeper Warning on MacOS: Double clicking the installer .pkg file on MacOS leads to a security message. Right clicking the .pkg file and choosing Open will bypass this message.

Error Parsing Document: This is caused by corrupt settings within SPM. Right click the system tray / menu bar icon and choose Reset SPM to resolve this.

Excel Icon on Print Jobs on MacOS: Users will notice when sending a job to the printer, the job icon is an Excel icon. This is due to the file extension for SPM matching a rarely used file format within Excel.

Resolved Unable to Resize Images within SPM: Users will notice the inability to resize images once they've entered the SPM print dialog.

Resolved PDF Opening on Some Macs: Some Mac systems will not be able to open PDF files within SPM.

Resolved Switching Printers with Different Speeds: When switching from a printer that does not have a matching speed from the previously selected printer, users will experience a program crash.

How Do I Go Back?

Not happy with the beta and want to return to the official release? It's as easy as uninstalling Sawgrass Print Manager from your system(*) and downloading the official release from our software download page.

* To uninstall on Windows, visit your Add/Remove section of the Control Panel. On MacOS, simply drag Sawgrass Print Manager form your Applications folder to your Trash.