Important Announcement:
Old CreativeStudio Shuts Down July 31

Please see below for important information regarding upcoming features changes, as well as steps you may need to take to prepare your content.


We are in the process of moving all of the templates from the old CreativeStudio to the new CreativeStudio. We have already moved (and are in the process of moving) the most requested and most popular templates. We expect to have all templates available in the new CreativeStudio by July 20, 2020.

There is no change in color processing between the old and the new CreativeStudio. The new CreativeStudio will not result in a shift in color from the old.


  • Front/Back Garment Decoration: June 8, 2020
  • Undo: July 20, 2020
  • Select All (multi-select and edit): July 20, 2020
  • Break Aspect Ratio (ability to scale disproportionately): July 20, 2020

File Management & Migration

  • PNG - Transfer
    • Transfer content using the instructions provided here.
    • Do NOT upload files with an unreadable name. These are low-resolution thumbnail images that are not suitable for printing.
      • Xsd3fgkjsedkf32kdd9.png: NOT GOOD
      • My Design.png: GOOD
    • Sawgrass is working on converting files automatically for users. This will be a longer process and is estimated to be completed by July 27, 2020. All user files will be mapped to the user's galleries -> My Images. These images will be flattened file and will include any text that is in the file. These will be non-editable files. In order to remove/edit the text, users will have to follow instructions in the video linked above.
      1. All images files generated after July 1, 2020 in the old CreativeStudio are NOT guaranteed to move automatically during this process.
      2. Users are encouraged to delete any images the old CreativeStudio that they do not wish to transfer no later than July 1, 2020.