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Sawgrass Ink: World-class, Crafted by Experts

Never compromise on quality. That attitude has always driven the Sawgrass team. So, when it comes to sublimation ink, we don’t settle for “good enough.” We are dedicated to developing and producing ink as vibrant and extraordinary as the vision of our users.

Which Sawgrass Ink is Right For You?

  SubliJet-HD ink product compilation showing photo panels, mugs, and a pillow.

SubliJet HD and SubliJet UHD

Your Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 comes with SubliJet UHD, a 4-color ink set perfect for all hard and soft polyester substrates. It also achieves great results on vinyl. The VJ 628 offers a choice of four 8-color ink sets.

Chromablast-HD collage showing bright colors on cotton fabrics.

ChromaBlast HD and ChromaBlast UHD

ChromaBlast is our ink set for bright, beautiful transfer on light-colored cotton and cotton-blend fabrics.

EasySubli ink collage showing sublimation on vinyl to put on dark colored apparel.


EasySubli, created in partnership with Siser®, is made for EasySubli HTV although it also produces great results on hard and soft substrates.

Our dedicated team of PhD chemists continually test and refine our sublimation inks, which are manufactured 100% in the USA.

Creating the perfect formula for sublimation ink takes time, patience and expertise. It demands the best raw materials, and an in-depth understanding of their properties. We are proud to have a research and development team that fine-tunes our inks specifically to our printers, to provide our users with unparalleled efficiency and quality.

We make our inks from scratch. We start with the finest dye powder and mill each dye color individually with dispersing agents to make concentrates. These concentrates are used to target inks with optimal printing properties. Once our chemists are satisfied, the ink recipes are tested thoroughly by our US-based Quality Control team and scaled up for full manufacturing.

We take ink seriously. We test every single batch of ink that we produce, and only release it once it meets our stringent QC standards.

Sawgrass Ink is different. Sawgrass ink is created purely for sublimation and purely for our printers.

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