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Create a free website on GO Expression and start selling your personalized products.

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How It Works


Design in CreativeStudio using standardized templates and send them to your online store, GO Expression.


Items in your GO Expression store can be personalized by customers and fulfilled by producers in GO Exchange.


Use the Global Order Exchange to sell globally and produce orders for other sellers through GO Expression.

How You Profit in The Sawgrass Network

A shopper buys a baby one piece for:

A seller earns:
25% ($4.50)

Sell Online to Access Unlimited Buyers

Reach customers beyond your community by having an online shop that can be found by anyone. Sawgrass makes this easy by creating one location where you design and manage products - with no listing or website fees.

With other online stores you’d need to learn some web design and figure out how to add and manage your inventory. With GO Expression, you design the product in CreativeStudio and send it to your store.

You can also manage your inventory directly from CreativeStudio.

Make More Money in The Sawgrass Network

Once your new shop is running you can take advantage of The Sawgrass Network, which is a network of buyers and sellers who help each other produce more products and make more money.

The Network lets you add more products to your shop which can be produced by other people if you don’t have the capacity to take on extra orders - and you’d both profit!

Or, you can produce products for other sellers to earn even more money.

Learn About The Sawgrass Network