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Software Sunset

On February 1, 2025, we will be sunsetting CreativeStudio and Sawgrass Print Manager (SPM).
Follow the steps below to ensure a seamless transition to DesignMate and PrintMate.

Step One
Create an account with My Sawgrass
You should use the same email address you use for CreativeStudio to retain premium benefits.

Step Two
Click here to join a ‘Getting to My Sawgrass (DesignMate and PrintMate)’ workshop to get started.

These sessions will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to navigate the platform, perform common tasks, and maximize your productivity.

Step Three
Design | Print | Transfer

Enjoy the enhanced features of My Sawgrass, designed and developed with your feedback in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use this link:  User Feedback  to let us know about ideas you have to make our programs work even better for you!

No, you will need to create a new account. You should use the same email address you use for CreativeStudio to retain premium benefits.

No you do not.  As long as your new account uses the same email address, our system will recognize your premium status and you will have a premium account.

If you are not seeing the blank you want to use, you can create your own by using Custom Canvas.  Custom Canvas allows you to define your print area by setting the dimensions and desired bleed plus defining the shape in one of the following ways:  use the default square, pick one of our provided shapes, or upload your own .svg template file.  When adding your own shape, you only need the print area from your template.  If your template file is not in the .svg file format, you can use one of several free online converters to change that to an SVG format.

PrintMate can be used in conjunction with our web-based design software.  You can also print from any program using the “Send to PrintMate” functionality.  You will choose your settings in PrintMate and then choose “Send to PrintMate” in the print box in your program.  Unlike previous versions of our print management software, this function works on both Windows and Mac platforms.

The current platform is not conducive to build on to meet the demands of the user. The new platform is not only built using more advanced technology but is also scalable in the long-term.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer designs that you have created in CreativeStudio. However, you can re-upload files to from your computer.