A look at our: Creative Brief for September

Around the first Tuesday of every month, we add new content to our design software.  With each release, we add content created around Holidays, trending themes, and building elements.  These building elements, we think of them as “maker” kits, give you the various pieces that you need to assemble things like logos, monograms, or even maps.  Each month, we’ll add a new blog telling you what is coming, what products they’ll look great on, and tips and tricks on how to use them.

Written by Sawgrass
on September 19, 2023
in Design

September Collections

One of the highlights of our September content release is a dynamic collection of 3D flowers inspired by social media content creator Angie Holden. This collection is full of these realistic paper flowers that virtually jump off of the page.  In her signature color palette, these backgrounds and designs inspired by Angie will look great on tumblers, notebooks, and coasters of all materials.  These fun, bright, paper flower-style patterns and designs will add a welcome, vibrant pop to the traditional Fall palette.

We have several collections this month focused on Thanksgiving and Fall.  Our adorable Pumpkin Spice collection is a fun and bubbly collection celebrating Pumpkin Spice season. These trendy designs are compiled of pumpkin-related elements mixed with character elements to make it easy to create your own fun design.  Mix and match the elements to create pumpkin spice treat of your own!  These of course will look great on tumblers and mugs, but on t-shirts and totes as well!  

There are so many cute sayings to use with this art:

  • ‘Tis the season
  • Hello pumpkin
  • Thick thighs and pumpkin pies
  • Pies before guys
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice
  • A little pumpkin and a lot of spice
  • Pumpkin spice gives me life
  • Whatever spices your pumpkin
  • Pumpkin spice everything
  • Spice spicy baby
  • Pumpkin is coming

Joining the pumpkin spice characters are an adorable selection of gnomes.  This collection of gnomes features mix-and-match fall accessories so you can create their own fun Fall gnome characters and scenes. There are many interchangeable pieces that help the user make these designs their own.  These can be featured on a variety of home decor pieces including pillows, coasters, tea towels, and serving trays.  

If you are looking for some great Gnome puns, there are many to choose from:

  • Chillin’ with my gnomies
  • Gnome sweet gnome
  • Welcome gnome
  • Home is where your gnome is
  • Go big or go gnome
  • Oh gnome you didn’t!
  • Gnome for the holidays
  • Gnome is where the heart is
  • There’s gnomebody like you
  • Gnomebody loves you like I do

We have also added a collection of fall flowers that embody fall with their deep and dense palette.  These rich fall flowers are paired with garden related themes such as seeds, butterflies, and mushrooms.  

Our Fall designs are wrapped up with a collection featuring a more classic take on Autumn.  These fun designs feature lots of pumpkins and fall leaves that will look great on kitchen and home decor items like serving boards, pillows, coasters, and enamel mugs.  

Any of our Fall designs pair well with these great sayings:

  • Hello fall
  • Happy fall, y’all
  • Fall is my Favorite Color
  • I love Fall most of all
  • Leaves are Falling, Autumn is Calling
  • Fall is in the air
  • Fall Breeze & Autumn Leaves
  • Fall is proof that change is beautiful
  • That Autumn Life
  • Autumn Days Are Here Again
  • Oh my gourd
  • Meet me at the pumpkin patch
  • Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes

This month’s content drop will also feature a look at country and western themes.  Our Let’s Go  Girls collection features fun, feminine and trendy designs that will stand out year-round. These designs are great for swag for a Bachelorette party or a Girls Trip.  They also make perfect gifts for your favorite cowgirl.  These designs are perfect for tumblers, t-shirts, and totes.  

Sayings you may consider using include:

  • Let’s go girls
  • What would Dolly do?
  • Raised on Dolly
  • In Dolly we trust
  • Howdy honey
  • Saddle up, Darlin’
  • Beg your Parton
  • In a world full of Jolene’s, be a Dolly
  • A cup of ambition
  • Cowgirls have more fun
  • Let’s get Nashty
  • Nash Bash
  • Long live cowgirls
  • Nash-lorette
  • Not my first rodeo / my last rodeo
  • [Jenna’s] Last Rodeo
  • [Meghan’s] Last Hoe Down
  • Man, I feel like a BRIDE
  • Gettin’ hitched / Gettin’ rowdy
  • Kick up your boots
  • Stay wild, Cowgirl

Pairing well with those designs are our Wild West collection which is a vibrant yet classic celebration of the American West.  You’ll find orange skies, rolling deserts, terracotta-collared hills and cacti paired with the more nostalgic glory of cowboy culture.  These designs and patterns will look great on enamel mugs, frosted glass drinkware, t-shirts, and totes.  

There are so many great sayings you an use with this artwork:

  • Never drink with your shootin’ hand
  • Wild as heck
  • Giddy up
  • Yee Haw
  • Howdy
  • You’re the YEE to my HAW
  • Long live cowgirls
  • Should’ve been a cowboy/cowgirl
  • Hotter than a $2 pistol
  • Saddle up, partner
  • Not my first rodeo
  • Born to ride
  • Cowboy take me away
  • Desert Child
  • Wild Spirit, Kind Heart
  • Meet me in the desert
  • Desert vibes

That’s it for our September content.  Need more inspiration?  Connect with us in MyMates by joining the design group. You can bounce ideas off other users or ask design questions!    Want to connect with me?  You can join my group “Rhonda’s Sublimation Corner” in MyMates.  That’s a great place to ask me questions or request a blog post you’d like to read!