How to Get Started With Sublimation

If you're thinking about getting into sublimation, here's how you can turn a hobby and love of creating into a money-making business.

Which Printer is Right for Me?

Which printer you choose depends on what type of product, and in what quantity, you want to create.

With sublimation you can create mugs, drinkware, photo panels, apparel, decor and more.


Who is it for? Home-based businesses, crafters.
What will it print? Designs that fit onto small items, such as mugs, coasters, and metal tiles.

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Who is it for? Growing businesses, entrepreneurs.
What will it print? Designs that fit onto medium-size items, such as bags, shirts, and décor items.

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Who is it for? Established businesses, photography studios.
What will it print? Designs that fit onto large items, such as banners, photo panels, and signs.

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